Writers Paid in Happy Meals:)

11 May, 2006


I've done freelance writing before, but it was a big contract that easily kept me busy 8-10 hours a day for the same company.  And considering what I'm seeing on sites like Writerlance.com and other freelance project sites, it paid pretty well.

Not only are there project designers bidding in the neighborhood of $3 for a "700+ keyword rich article"– not just one article, either, but many of them, but there are actually "writers" bidding for that.  I find it humorous why anyone would accept that.  Why not just ask for a McDonald's Happy Meal in exchange; or better yet– 1 gallon of gas.  Third World Writing.

My jaw is currently hanging agape.  I celebrate the 2 or 3 serious, experienced and LITERATE freelance writers who openly bash the base bid when they counter.  YAY!!!  Those are my people.

I blog for my company and blog for myself and I'm struggling to secure work with rational, innovative companies or businesses that value high-end content on a webpage or in a marketing or business article, even literate, niche blog forum.

Underscoring how illegitimately writing is come by in some respects, Business Week's Blogspotting blog posted about blog plagiarism beginning to find a toehold.  Of course.  Very few people are qualified to even write their grocery list, much less put thoughts on a cyber-page. 



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