Blog Dexterity

9 May, 2006

Blogs, Creative Content

A few years ago, a blog was a relatively unknown application, denigrated to the ranks of "diary" for a funky, angst-ridden amalgam of teens, work at home moms or dads, internet fanatics or creatives molding a new outlet for expression.

As with every good trend buoyed up by The Everyman, the BLOG now has its place in the corporate board room of Fortune 500 companies and is proving an effective locomotive to test the mettle of the diligent in business everywhere. More and more blog posts are being added as business people realize the potential of creating an audience, generating educational information from the know-how they possess. But, without diligence, a blog dies, is buried in the compost of hundreds of other wasting blogs. It's voracity for dynamic content is its greatest attribute and it's weakness at the same time.

Want to know the value of a blog? The real litmus test? Here's a page from the Inside Google Book Search Blog that includes a list of blogs that Google maintains for all its projects:

list of google blogs

list of google's blogs

Need we debate more?

When the great minds of personal and career coaching tell us to focus on those who are most successful and make them our role models for our own success– who better to take lessons from?

(i'm taking the liberty of quoting myself from my daily company blog– liked what i wrote X 2)



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One Comment on “Blog Dexterity”

  1. Shirley Says:

    Great links and post. Thank you.




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