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30 April, 2006


Would anyone ever do that?  Would someone buy a blog template with content already added, or, better yet, hire the blogger to keep entering content, say on the average of twice a day within their industry.  (Granted this is not my template, but I could design my own if need be).

I actually thought about this yesterday.  My job is hanging by a shoestring.  Start-up trying to hang in there and I was trying to generate as much positive contribution as I could muster.  Call it stressed-out-brainstorming.  Of course, I think everyone else— all three guys– were off to spend the weekend drinking and carrying on.  I am mixed with feelings– will I ever get my hair highlighted again, EVER be able to retire (No.  I already have my organic "U-Pickit" sketched on graph paper and my single-wide alongside it).  And, of course, the oil companies can bite me.  It's an investment to go to work– a "work" that might not last, good riddance to that investment, like my stocks.  I think gas should now be able to be bought using pre-tax dollars.  How 'bout that idea, Exxon?!

BUY THIS  BLOG.  Hire this blogger/writer/editor.  Start-up, get me while I'm still Filene's Basement prices.  Won't last long….



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One Comment on “Buy this Blog”

  1. bob brandt Says:

    Hey Jen, I am convinced by your musings that you are the Jennifer that I think you are. Drop me an email. 🙂 Bob


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