Wiki Way to Advertising?

28 April, 2006


While I was recently doing some research on the trends in television advertising in regards to the internet, I came across an interesting statistic on one of the most popular local television stations here in Raleigh, NC– WRAL

According to a recent New York Times article, the Television Bureau of Advertising recently stated at a conference that WRAL's "ad revenue" associated with their website was more than that of the local leading newspaper.

I decided to use Aaron Wall's Link Harvester tool to check who links to WRAL's site (MSN, Yahoo, or both, does not include Google)– the query returned over 70,000 links to their website homepage.

I latched onto the link that directed me to WRAL's Wikipedia page.  Then I began wondering how valuable a link is a link.  

Hmmmm….who exactly can HAVE a wikipedia entry.  Seems anybody can if they bother to establish an account.

I looked into a couple of other television stations:  Fox 5 Atlanta— yup, a Wiki page all their own. When I clicked on "What Links Here" a list of reputable news links appeared.  I also found a Fox 5 wiki article on Wiki Company, and on a's All Expert Beta Free Encyclopedia; WUNC here in Chapel Hill, yup– Wiki page.  So, I thinks to meself, wonder if RE/Max Real Estate corporation has a wiki.  Yes, they do, and interestingly when I click on "What Links Here" I get this nasty list of RE/MAX redirects plus 15 other links, of which only a few seem remotely connected to the business of real estate, much less RE/MAX.

In fact, check this one out. Proves my point that anyone can have a wiki. And how exactly did all of these esoteric and unrelated links arrive on the RE/MAX wikipedia, pray tell?Moral of the story– hire me to write you a wiki.



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One Comment on “Wiki Way to Advertising?”

  1. Larry Says:

    Hi, i came across a wiki for advertising, we added our business selling furniture and found it on place number 2 when we checked with google, it seems to be like a wikipedia but for business, worth checking it out


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