A Step into Article Marketing

19 April, 2006


Being a writer, and one who might not have a job on Monday, in the business/marketing world you learn real fast that a lot of what is said is only advertising– even in regards to how the company is performing. 

So, as a "creative" in a very small marketing company that has suddenly fallen flat, I'm forced into a big fat wakeup call as I continue to pump out high-quality articles, some would even call "white papers," and try and figure out in my head what it is that I'm doing so wrong.

I am no longer interested in re-inventing the wheel.  One of the principals in my company is engaging in profitable online marketing and advertising ventures– he is a virtual template if one bothered to pay attention.  This is where my creative bent gets me into trouble.  I have rather put on my head phones and immerse myself in Miles Davis in months past than overhear the educational banter in the adjoining offices.  NOW I'm pricking up my ears.  NOW I'm wondering why I'm 44 and just figuring it all out.  The equation to success.

I'm taking a closer look at the content I have spent time at work producing that will be tapped by an RSS feed– or at least I think it should be, but that would be MY idea, now wouldn't it?– linked to numerous relevant and reputable sites and internally link back into itself from what is being built into becoming a well-ranking website— primarily thanks to the creative talent–.


My research into the realm of RSS took me into fresh territory from whence it did when I was last year cutting and pasting a snippet of code into my blog's HTML code.  Now the lingo is centered around the profound improvements RSS can make in the world of Search Engine Marketing, SEM.  My interest is the power of the app to syndicate article content and get my site and name out there on the web— especially as I navigate uncertain employment times.

Writers— UNITE! 

Or maybe I should say Good Writers.  There are more bad than there are good– I know— I edit the work of "freelance writers" who have no more qualifications for calling themselves writers than they do for being the local dog walker.  But people pay for their poor work.  And the world keeps turning.

Just a link I picked up today that might be promising, www.goarticles.com.



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